Public Art is an informal artistic group. Founded in 2017.


Andrei Ivanovich Liubov


The main media in which he works:

sculpture, installation, performance, dramaturgy, painting.


The sculptures in the city space of Odessa are installed:

«Solar Heart» 13th station of the Big Fountain.

«Key of recognition» Ilf and Petrov str.

«Bloom» Lyustdorfskaya road str.

Prizewinner of the international theater contests «Milk» and «Green Point».


About the artist:

“Were these sculptures installed in your city?” WOW!! ” — (Opinion about the installed sculptures of the author) — Wendy Anderson, Practicing artist and lecturer in spatial design. Chelsea College Development Director, Wimbledon and Camberwell from London University of the Arts
«I don`t really understand such sculptures.» — Marat Gelman, Gallery Owner.

«And such art has a right to exist.» — Bot maratgelman 3.

“Do you think it’s so easy to become a sculptor?” — Mikhail Reva, Sculptor.

“Thanks to Andrei’s idea, two sculptures at sea related to sunrise were opened this year.” —

Mikhail Reva at the opening of the sculpture House of the Sun.

“And I liked this sculpture. Unusual! ” — Evgenii Golubovskii, Journalist, Culturologist. (About the project of the sculpture The Birth of Wine).

“The idea and concept is wonderful, but it’s impossible to install the sculpture on the pier!” — Vladimir Sushkov, Chairman of the Kyivsky district administration of Odessa. (A year before the installation of the Solar Heart on the pier).

“To install such a bright shocking sculpture is possible only in Odessa! Neither Kyiv nor Kharkov has ripened yet! ” — Aleksei Kolomiitsev, Director, composer. At the opening of the sculpture BIOOM.

“And can you give me the key to the apartment where the money is?” — Aleksandr Perutskii, Director of the Theater-Gallery on Kanatnaya. (At the opening of the art object, the Key of recognition, in the role of Ostap Bender).

“The plays of A. Liubov resolutely depart from the accepted theatrical canons and transfer the reader/spectator to the world of conceptual art, bordering on performance and actionism.” — Irina Shcheglova, Writer, reviewer.


The main performances:

The performance “First Art” is an illegal installation on Deribasovskaya Street in the very center of Odessa.

Performance «Obvious Supper» — International Family Camp «Bereginya».

Performance «Beach Travel».

Social performance “Look inside you” — raising the problems of visually impaired people.

Ecological installation «Feed the little shark.»


Other performances and installations. http://publicart.com.ua/.


Personal art projects:

Exhibition «Angel in a Box».

Exhibition «Chaos beach art».

Gallery «Aloha» beach of the 13th station of the Big Fountain. Odessa.


Collective art projects:

2019 Exhibition «Two Hemispheres: art & contemporary».

Exhibition «ECOPLANNER» with Charity Fund «ASSB».


Art Residences:

Installation «Basics of rhetoric» in the Museum of Modern Art in the city of Odessa.