The key to the world. Story

The Key to the World

There are primary, secondary and tertiary things in the world and the Key considered himself to be not just the primary, but the fundamental sum of all things. The Key was accompanied by the lock, and the lock by the door, and the door by the room with different valuable things, and the room by the Human who was safeguarding the Key. The Human was responsible for carrying the Key and choosing the pendent that would adorn the Key. At this period of time, the Key liked the pendant in the shape of a big red heart. The Key knew that it was a symbol of absolute fidelity to the person to which it belonged. The Key had the ability to open and to close the universe where he was the center.

Even when the Key wanted to rest and ignore this huge responsibility to the outside world, he couldn’t afford to do it. The Key knew that if he got to be alone, the Human would become very nervous and start shouting “where are you?” The Key felt that everything depended on him. The Key was used to hearing people say things like “thank God, I found the key,” and these sayings made the Key feel like it was the most important thing in the world.

Still, the world had not flopped. Flopped is not exactly the right word, it’s just that when the Key fell down, everything disappeared. The lock, the door, the room, the Human, everything stopped, and time was running out.

Lying near the key was a Cobblestone.

“Hello, Key! I’m the Philosophers’ Stone. Are you lost?”

“No,” replied the Key, “I am not.”

The Key told the stone that the world cannot get lost, and just after someone says “Thank God the key is found!” everything will change in one moment. But, nothing was happening.

“Don’t you understand, Key, you don’t exist, nobody needs you. I’m going to try to explain” said the shaggy stone as it creaked silently with grains of sand. “There is a “World of Ideas” above us and everything is there. Everything except me, because this world is my idea. There is the sun, the people, the animals, the chair, the tree, an infinite number of keys and many other things that surround you. There is in my “World of Ideas” a Human who has made for himself a copy of a house, a copy of a door, of a lock and a key.”

Suddenly, kicking up dust, a boot has stopped over the key, then ten fingers grabbed the key, unbuckled the pendent and threw away the key which landed close to the stone.

“Nobody needs me. All those unbelievable things the gray stone was talking about have become the truth. I’m in the whole space” said the stone proudly. “I’m the only thing, the thing inside of itself. Everything consists of me. I’m the all-powerful and the omnipresent, I consider and give life to every creation…”

Then, a steel track of an excavator hung over the stone. The track turned with a clank, grinded the stone to dust and stopped. A man came out of the excavator and picked up the Key. “Beautiful” he said and ran a dry finger through the creases. The man went to his friend the sculptor and said “I like this key very much,  make a talisman from it. When I build a house, I will put the key in the pavement so all the people passing through can see it and touch my idea”.

One year later, the sculpture was shining in the pavement. People were rubbing it and making a wish. The Key was trying to help everyone. He was not rushing anywhere, not opening and closing anything, and was not full of pride for anything. On his head near the ground was the message “The key to the world is inside of you.” It’s a pity that the Philosophers’ Stone is not here, for he would explain that I am the key to the world and that I don’t exist and the key is inside of the soul of each person. Actually, people do not notice this message.


Перевод Ариадны Мищук

The sculpture “Key of recognition” is installed in Odessa on the street Ilf and Petrov, 4, near the restaurant “evening Baku”.

The story is published in the book “Aloha”. Buy a book