„Basics of rhetoric“. Art object

“Basics of rhetoric” work

We live in a society where everyone can be an author. In social networks, blogs the voice of each person is equivalent, and it gives infinite space for statements and self-expression. The boundaries of professionalism become extremely blurred, because everyone gets the right to be heard.

In a situation where everyone is trying to say something we face the common problem — lack of viewers. We do not hear each other — and fail in our efforts to achieve mutual understanding.

But sometimes it is useful for listeners and authors to change places. Anyone who is used to speak can try to hear others, and the eternal listener can try to be a speaker.

The source of the idea of the “basics of rhetoric” was Bema — a sublime platform, which in ancient Athens was used as a podium for the speaker.

The installation consists of two platforms: Platform for speaker and Platform for listener.

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Art Object “Basics of rhetoric” in the Museum of Modern Art of Odessa